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Omicron symptoms

This, from the BBC today sums it up nicely:

Runny nose top Covid symptom - researchers

Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online

We are waiting on the latest UK figures, but as Omicron coronavirus cases surge in the UK, more and more people are pondering their symptoms. If you have a runny nose or a headache it is possible that you have Covid, say researchers. The Zoe Covid study app asks hundreds of thousands of people to log their symptoms. Investigators have been looking at ones linked to Delta and more recently Omicron and say the top five symptoms are:

  • runny nose

  • headache

  • fatigue (either mild or severe)

  • sneezing

  • sore throat

So how likely is it to be a Covid rather than a cold? Lead scientist Professor Tim Spector says: "In London, where Covid is increasing rapidly, it's far more likely to be Covid than it is to be a cold. "If we look at our regional charts we see London accelerating more than we've seen it since the very first wave and this now means that Omicron is the predominant variant already." If you think you may have Covid, it is important to get tested. Even people who don't feel very ill can put others at risk. The NHS says people should still look out for classic Covid symptoms:

  • a new, continuous cough

  • a fever/high temperature

  • loss of or change to smell or taste

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